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Scheduler for Enterprise is a standalone, full-stack Intelligent Appointment Scheduling software platform with customisable workflows. The Enterprise deployment supports customer engagement starting with an omnichannel scheduling experience and moving all the way through reporting and analytics that provide immediate access to appointment performance. With added capabilities such as CRM integration, queue management, search engine booking, and analytics, Scheduler for Enterprise provides a simple, comprehensive solution to meet your business needs.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Turn interest into action

Make it easy for your prospects and customers to connect with you at their point of peak interest. With user-friendly, intuitive scheduler, customers can connect to the resources they need at the time and location that suits them.

  • Book appointments across multiple channels
  • Get more high-value appointments
  • Increase the efficiency of your operations

Match your resources with customer expectations

Ensure the unique requirements of every appointment request are routed to the team members and resources that can best help your customer.

  • Answer questions and solve problems faster
  • Compile locations, skills and availability on one calendar
  • Improve every stage of the customer journey
Bespoke Software Solutions
Bespoke Software Solutions

Increase show rates and engage customers

Text and email notifications increase the chances that your prospects and customers will show for their appointments and makes it easy for them to reschedule if necessary. Your team members are properly prepared, availability times are accounted for and moved automatically – and you connect with as many prospects and customers as possible without wasting a minute.

Stay Connected, wherever you are.

The Scheduler platform makes it easy for your users to connect virtually with customers, prospects, and colleagues. With support for personal meeting links and integrations with providers such as Vidyo, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, POP I/O,, Google Meet, Invo Video Banking and Microsoft Teams. Scheduler allows administrators to create virtual appointment types, independent of locations, that allow staff from call centers or remote locations host virtual meetings by phone or video conference.

Bespoke Software Solutions